Album: Week Three

     Album:2005:07-02 Herrang:Week Three
Ursula (Ch)
is pretty much my favorite follow in the world, and she got to teach this year with Lorenz. ( comments)
As did Peter Strom (Minn)
who was an incredible teacher ( comments)
Karen (Minn) was way fun and funny.
( comments)
In class.
( comments)
Peter and Sylvia
were fantastic teachers. They spent one class (80 min) teaching us a 15 count move. 15 counts - very hardcore connection. This is what it looked like to the human eye. ( comments)
Dancing with Klavdia
in Steven's class ( comments)
Herrang didn't sign up Ryan and Jenny
to teach any classes for the Advanced levels during week 3, and we thought that was a bit off, so I organized a group lesson with them. ( comments)
The week 3 Friday party theme
was Oriental Night, whatever that means. [photo Denise] ( comments), of course,
I dressed up as a Pirate. ( comments)
This time, I had a full pirate crew!
(Carl), Chris, Andrew, Reed, Captain Dave, Nathan, Karissa, Jeremy, Tracy, Will [photo Tracy] ( comments)
Pirate Prep time
[photo Carolyn] ( comments)
Pirates must sing.
Pirates must learn pirate songs. [photo Carolyn] ( comments)
Attaching my pegleg.
It was quite difficult to dance in, though I managed a couple songs. [photo Carolyn] ( comments)
And it hurt like the captain's daughter
(I've since learned that "the captain's daughter" was his whip) [photo Tracy] ( comments)
Pirate jam.
And the beginning of pirates stealing dancers. [Video, 32.5M] ( comments)
At the DanceBanan
[photo Tobias] ( comments)
Pirate Jeremy and to-be-Pirate Carolyn
[photo Jeremy] ( comments)
We pose,
pirates proud! (added to photo are fellow pirate Zoe and temporary pirate wench, Kamile) ( comments)
Denise and Carolyn
[photo Denise] ( comments)
Mathilde at Oriental Night
[photo Jeremy] ( comments)
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