Album: Week Two

     Album:2005:07-02 Herrang:Week Two
The Anti-Dave and The Dave
(Peter from Portland) ( comments)
Early morning dancing
( comments)
Charleston circle,
late, late at night. ( comments)
Final morning collapse
( comments)
Tim had a party
in the Russian Kitchen one night. ( comments)
I supplied the lighting,
thanks to a flagrant abuse of my volunteer/staff status. (The swanky red lighting was overwhelmed by my flash, though..) ( comments)
After the party,
a number of partygoers decided that the Folkets Hus stage was a sauna. ( comments)
This, of course,
briefly stopped the dancing. ( comments)
Tove (Swe)
( comments)
The week 2 Friday party theme
was Cowboys and Indians, so, of course, I dressed up as a Pirate. I had a First Mate (Karissa) who dressed up as a Pirate as well, and so did Will, I'm told, but we were never at the dance at the same time. [photo Carolyn] ( comments)
Tracy (SF->Wales) and Nathan (Portland)
later joined my Pirate Crew. ( comments)
Jonas and Singa (Swe)
dancing in the wee hours. ( comments)
I convinced Daniel (SF)
to come to Herrang, and here he is dancing with my Barcelona host, Marta. ( comments)
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