Album: Week One

     Album:2005:07-02 Herrang:Week One
Herrang Dance Camp, 2005!
( comments)
Playing a balance pushover hand game
in the Folkets Hus, I become reigning champion for a bit. [photo Carolyn] ( comments)
Gunnar 2
("SuperGunnar") ( comments)
Ajax and Bjorn (Swe)
( comments)
( comments)
Eva is a goof
( comments)
Dancing at the Folkets Hus
( comments)
Justina (Lithuania) ..-volunteers week one
when I was a volunteer-slave ( comments)
Gunnar One was my master
for part of week one and all of week two. ( comments)
And while I built many things,
I seemed to become the awning expert. ( comments)
Such as the No-No Box awning
(left) ( comments)
Peter Strom,
lacking sleep ( comments)
Tim (Sea) and Violeta (Ru)
who is an excellent follow ( comments)
"Daniel the Freak Of Nature"
Tim makes movies. I'm the cameraman in this one. [Video, 12M] ( comments)
( comments)
Kevin Buster (Sea)
is way funny. ( comments)
Kevin and Olga (Ru)
( comments)
Ajax smirking
( comments)
My private accomodations.
I had a cute little shack behind a house. Unfortunately it had no kitchen or bathroom. ( comments)
The tiny interior
with Mr. P lurking in the corner. ( comments)
Mr. Peterson
is starting to get comfortable in Sweden. ( comments)
Carolyn and Denise (Sea).
Carolyn had only been dancing a half a year or so, and she rocked. ( comments)
Carolyn's older sister Bethany.
( comments)
Karissa (Sea)
also rocks. She taught a blues class with me week 4. ( comments)
Carolyn lounging at the Cafe
( comments)
Carolyn behaves well. :)
[photo Denise] ( comments)
There is often a band
or music or dancing happening somewhere at Herrang. ( comments)
Every friday party has a theme.
The theme for week one was 'Happy Birthday' so, of course, I dressed up as a Pirate. ( comments)
Karissa, who rocks,
decided that this was a good idea, and henceforth became my First Mate. [photo Denise] ( comments)
Karissa demonstrates
Pirate sword sheathing [Video, 7.4M] ( comments)
Carolyn and Karissa
stretching after the end of the dance. ( comments)
Daniel (Aus) with his party face makeup
- not quite removed. ( comments)
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