Album:2005:06-12 Quinn and Keith and Angus

My friend Keith came up to Sacramento to visit his sister. I went up to go see them, which gave me a chance to meet his son Quinn for the first time and to see Angus, the dog that was the inspiration for me to get my dog, Kodi Bear, who I hadn't seen in over 12 years.
Footnote: Angus died on August 19th, 2008, at just over 19 years old. He was a great dog.
Keith's photos of Angus
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Master Quinn Keith and Quinn
outside the train station. Quinn is far more photogenic.
We went to eat with
Keith's sister and got Chinese food. We got a whole bag of fortune cookies that we read.
Angus the Dog,
at age 14 or so.
He didn't remember me,
of course, even though I was briefly his godfather, since I last saw him when he was a little puppy.
But he was still a good guy. Even if he is
getting along in years.
Angus in the sun.
Quinn discovered my skateboard. And worked on taming it. Which he somewhat succeeded. Angus puppy.
He may be old,
but he had a few seconds of friskiness.
Caught here playing with "Dog"
while Keith loads the car.
Master Quinn
surfing the board cross-country.
Angus walking around,..
wondering why this strange man
keeps taking his photo.
We composed a nice goodbye note
to Keith's sister with Quinn's help
And then started howling at the dogs. It's not difficult to get
Keith to shed his human side. ;)
At first Angus was quiet,
and "Kitten" (the big dog) was howling along.
But then all the dogs
joined the chorus.
Bye, Angus! Keith gave me a ride back to SF,
and on the way I bought them breakfast. Quinn demonstrates his love for fruit.
Quinn's first skate attempt
(skinned knees not shown) [movie]
Quinn the skate maniac
Dogs howling
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