Album:2005:05-25 Lous-Blues

We had some out-of-towners visiting SF for dancing. It was a Wednesday night and we didn't have a normal venue to go to, so we decided to blues bomb a blues club on Pier 39, Lou's Blues. After they closed we went back to the Fulton Lindy Hotel and kept dancing.

Marta from Barcelona
is great, and also my Barcelona host :)
Trixy A'lan relaxes next to Jordan Much of the crew,
that's Ashley from Seattle in white. We had to sneak her in to the bar to dance. Silly bars don't want youngsters dancing.

Kent. Suzie dodgest an alien light life form. Which then lands on Kermit's chin But A'lan thinks they're pretty tasty.

Marta says goodbye to Lou's Blues And we have a small ..thering at my place. There's no sleep at the Fulton Fun House.
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