Album:2005:05-22 Tangoed-Up-In-Blues

The late late night crowd
starts to show up
Red is the official
late night blues color scheme at my house.
As day breaks, it's time for Blues Crepes! Amoebae is my pocket-cat sous-chef!

Okay, that's just too damn cute. She didn't actually ..h making the crepes. Because I had to keep petting her.. And then I'd have to wash my hands.

(We don't want to ge.. Blues Health Dep't) Not many cats would be happy in a pocket. But Amoebae and her ..Ramon do quite well. Draw!
(Those pants make me look like a midget!)

Haley gets tired wai..pes and has a snack. Ashley from Seattle
is a new and amazing dancer in the Blues scene.
Haleymonkey You can always count on Kent
when Blues Crepes are being served.

Ashley demonstrates .. mode on the camera.
It looks like she's doing a backwards Charleston, but I don't remember. Animated using my burstAnim tool
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