Album:2005:05-17 Improv-On-Our-Own

Tuesdays I meet with an open improv group we call 'Improv On Our Own.'

Kind of like "Who's Line Is It, Anyways" but we're not as funny. :)

A disagreement occurs And Stacie is possessed by my demon cat. And the hellspawn attacks! But then they join forces to fight evil.
(Actually, I don't remember what the original skit was about, but I like my interpretation. :)

Debbie is driving a car. Or something. It would help if I actually captioned
these photos right after the improv night.
Stacie is a supermodel.

Or a zombie.. Or something..
I don't know. But the photos are entertaining.
Debbie is our co-ordinator.
Or was. I think she's quitting the job.
Joe is just plain funny.

Wielding the improv stick! Joe and Debbie Stacie is supposed to be directing
something like Story, Story Die!, but instead it looks like she's taking a nap. Naughty, lazy Stacie!
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