Album:2005:05-13 SDLX

Another year, another great San Diego Lindy Exchange.

The Thursday dance
was Meeshi's Firehouse2
Which was too dark
to get normal photos
And it featured
the Hot Club Of San Diego
There was a dance performance
[courtesy Renee]

Dancing with Mel,
showing off the SDLX shirts [courtesy Renee]
Mel runs many of the San Diego events,
and Mel is my friend, so I go down and help her. Sometimes I run and get her food so she doesn't starve.
And this is how she thanks me. This was at the Friday dance
at the Cheek2Cheek Studio, featuring the Geoffrey Aymar Trio

Renee [Corvallis] Thao [Portland] Haley dances with Bryce [Utah] Reed [LA]

Liz [SD] Mel is happy The Friday Late Night
was at Pattie Wells Dance Studio
Dipping Thao is a joy
[courtesy Renee]

Dipping Renee is a joy as well
[courtesy Renee]
Natalie [SD Psychologist] Roe (sp?) stretches [LA Voiceover] Thao and Gabe [SD]

Jesse the DJ At the Sat dance [Champion]
I worked the front door with Alison of 2PlySwing
Alison is fun to work with. Bryant is
not only a fun guy to have at an exchange

But he also brought
the heavily sunburned Mandy [LA]
Todd working it Haley had a great exchange A shim sham erupted.
Haven't we gotten over this yet?

The Sat late night
was again at Pattie Wells Dance - that's Liz at the door.
DJ Doug Silton Late late - Natalie's house blues Haley/Mandy

Doug.. is having trouble
staying awake.
Laughing Haley

Fuzzy Theresa [SD] Theresa
is about to take off for Tibet/China. Bye Theresa!
Haley/Mandy Dave/Haley giggling

on the floor Liz and Bryant Haley and Mandy
[video, 20M]
Haley and Mandy
started to dance quite a bit

Mandy bends Haley over
[video, 18M]
Jeanie [Cupertino], Haley and I
were up till 8am for the blues party, and on the way home we decided that it would [somehow] make sense to go to a flea market.
Why not,
we weren't getting much sleep anyways.
made an awesome lemon "sorbet"..

..using liquid nitrogen,
at the Sunday park potluck.
And we played foam baseball, which was pretty ridiculous Suzie [SD?] whacks the ball

Liz bunts Yea, baby,
take that! (team coaches get in a rumble) [courtesy Jesse Niou]
Dave fakes..
[courtesy Jesse Niou]
an epic slide..
[courtesy Jesse Niou]

into home
[courtesy Jesse Niou]
We finally gave Mel a much deserved jam for putting on another great exchange

Jam w/ Bryce Jam w/ Val [SD]

Valerie from SD came out! Gabe and Mercedes [SD] Gabe Roe is tired
and going home

Renee [Corvallis] took many photos which you can find at Theresa smiling and dipping Val..
[courtesy Renee]

I had seen Renee out
before, but we had never really danced much, so it was nice to get a chance to finally get some dances in. [courtesy Renee]
The theme of the exchange is "dipping"
[courtesy Renee]
See? Dipping.
[courtesy Renee]
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