Album:2005:04-24 Passover

We had another Passover Seder in SF, consisting of a bunch of Lindy Hopper Jews and Christians (mostly ex-Jews and born-again Christians, which is a strange mix for a Seder if you ask me). It was fun, as expected.

After a long wait
we finally get some food
(for reasons that I can't explain) does some black-bottom dancing to Seder music.
Let My People Go!
Kermit leads the group in a Hagaddah sing-along [movie]
I invent a Seder tradition,
the magical egg-plane.

(Mike's housemate) shows off his artistic interpretation of the new tradition.
Discussing "freedom"
our self-prescribed Seder discussion topic
And eating food
(the carrot on the plate is supposed to be a lamb shank - don't ask me)
That's my bro on the couch.

Happy Seder!
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