Album:2005:04-22 Family

My whole family (parents and brother and his family) came out to visit. Haley was in town, so we all hung out.

We went out to eat
at a Chinese restaurant
Parker was skeptical
of Dim Sum at first, but came around.
Sophie was a little harder to convince
that Dim Sum was good, but she ate some anyways.
Haley decided it was time
to make faces.

And Sophie was easy to convince
of that idea.
Parker, too. And then Uncle Dave ..joins in.

Parker trys to imitate
Dave's eye goggles.
Dave and Sophie's faces Parker and Sophie We go to the Flower Conservatory
in Golden Gate Park.

Haley loves plants
(that's what she studies when she's not dancing.)
She loves them, very much. She loves them so much
that she eats them.
Or smells them, at least.

(Smells them in preparation for eating). I take my parental units
to try the fantastic oysters at Swan's Oyster Depot, a hidden San Francisco treat.
My brother and I
went to the Palace Of Fine Arts
And were almost a dangerous swan.

Mike pontificates
on the meaning of Swan attacks.
The Palace of Fine Arts
has a lake with turtles as well.
And is also home to the Exploratorium,
which rocks.
And this infrared display
shows that Mike is hotter than me. I'm pretty sure it's broken.

"Stick your head in it!"
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