Album:2005:04-14 St Louis-Cheap Thrills

I finally got a chance to blues dance in St Louis. Haley and I went out to hang out with our friend Jen. Yea, Jen!

We also went to City Museum, which is, far as I can tell, just about the coolest place in the entire world (outside of Black Rock City, of course)

I took lots of photos and video, due to my new camera purchase.

Thursday: Arrival
14 images
Thursday: Evening
12 images
Friday: City Museum
23 images

Friday: Late Night
5 images
Saturday: Late Night
16 images
Sunday: Classes
6 images
Sunday: Evening
4 images

Sunday: Late Night
16 images

The word for the day,
boys and girls, is "cuddling"
Sitting in the airport
waiting to go home (and nursing Haley's injured back)
Happy Haley
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