Album:2005:03-24 Austin Weddings

My buddy Mitch was getting married to his beloved Kendra in Austin in March.

I was rather lucky to then find out that Charles and Ashlynn were getting married the next weekend.

Obviously it was time to spend an extended week in Austin, I hadn't been there since the first Austin exchange in 2001, and I'd heard that Austin follows were delightful.

They are.

Austin is my new favorite US city besides SF to go non-exchange dancing. That seems like a lot of qualifiers, I suppose, but there's things like Herrang and LindyGras to contend with, so let's be fair :)

Point being, Austin is a great place to dance, and I hope to get back out here soon.

My wonderful host Sherry
had a blues night at her house so I'd have somewhere to dance on Friday :)
Karen (looking asleep) and Sherry
at Kirby's, an excellent late-night cafe
was way fun to dance with and ended up making sure I got to dance as much as possible through the week.
proposed to me at Sherry's blues dance because I reminded her of Eddie Vedder, so we decided to get married.

David and Karen.
Did I mention that Karen is an angel of a follow?
A blurry Lenore
from the east coast, happened to be in Austin the first weekend I was there.
Hannah and friends Bill Borgida
happened to be in town having a workshop that weekend. That happened in Toronto as well. That's kind of weird.

giving the camera a 'look'
We saw Paris 49
(the band that's playing at Charles' wedding) at the Continental on Monday
They were quite good. And many dancers showed up
(Melanie in foreground)

So it was fun.. Then we went to TC's
which is a shack with great music
This Monday had Seth Walker,
who is quite good, and Guy Forsythe stepped in for a few songs.
Melanie (and Tommy?)
dancing at TCs [movie]

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