Album:2005:03-22 Bishop Allen

On what would have been an otherwise miserable day, I got to see the most excellent band Bishop Allen

Haven't heard of them? That's fine. Go listen to their MP3s on their web site now.

Anyways, I came across their concert by chance. Lucky me, considering that this is one of my favorite bands and I was under the impression that they weren't touring or working on a new album or anysuch. Wrong on all counts.

So, I only had my silly Ericsson T610 phone with me to take photos and attempt at some audio recordings. The quality is laughable, but it's all me gots right now.

Justin, drummer Jack and Christian O. The original guitarist
Christian Rudder, to the left of vocalist Justin Rice
The bassist,.. cute Christian Owens

from down low
A blurry Justin
jumps during the finale
Christian R. and Justin The band.
Penitentiary Bound
a crappy phone recording, almost audible about halfway through. [42s .wav]
Things Are What You Make Of Them
[60s .wav]
Things Are What You Make Of Them
[13s .wav]
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