Album: 03-17 Mormon Invasion

     Album:2005:03-17 Mormon Invasion

A group of 15 kids from Utah decided to come visit the Bay Area en masse.

We all ended up hanging out together and dancing to the wee hours of the morning.

It wasn't until it was over that it occurred to me that we had repeated The Weekend from 1998, which was the very first Lindy Exchange ever.

So, in retrospect, this was an ipso-facto Utah/SF Exchange and it was superfun. (The 'superfun' part wasn't in retrospect, we figured that out at the time.)

The Utah crew
(Sat at Doghouse) ( comments)
After the 9:20 Special
we got Thai and hit the beach for an afterhours. ( comments)
We built a little fire
( comments)
And chowed on our food.
( comments)
And the Utahsians all cuddled
with each other. ( comments)
Some of us just enjoyed the fire.
( comments)
A guitar was passed around
( comments)
And s'mores were made
on little sticks ( comments)
( comments)
Ryan played us a song,
I danced a little dance [Video, 2.3M] ( comments)
The next morning I awoke..
( comments)
to dozens of Utahsians
in my house ( comments)
Laura gets best reception
standing on my couch. ( comments)
Crepes or pancakes w..o make the crepes...
( comments)
My fault for sleeping in..
( comments)
Not everyone else woke up
right away, either.. ( comments)
Alan fell in love
with my MAME arcade cabinet, and got up to level 34 or something on Guantlet. ( comments)
Friday we went to the Warehouse
after Midtown Stomp ( comments)
Bryson on DJ.
( comments)
And the next morning
we hit the Pancake Circus ( comments)
and waited a long time
to seat this many people ( comments)
And had a tasty breakfast.
( comments)
Pancake Circus!
( comments)
After the Doghouse on Sat,
Susie had a blues party in Santa Cruz. ( comments)
Then people hit the beach
to watch the sunrise, but I had left by then to fulfill important snuggling duties. ( comments)
So I missed Bryson..
( comments)
and his glorious milkshake combat.
( comments)
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