Album:2005:03-04 Electronica Dhamaal

My friend HaleyMo is a little electronica raver girl.

She finally convinced me to come to one of her electronica parties, held by Dhamaal at 1015 Folsom.

I actually had loads of fun. Didn't expect that. Before we went her friends Mel and Marianna came over and glittered up. Cute.

I didn't take photos with an actual camera, but my roommate Paulo had his camera phone. And if the resolution wasn't crappy enough, the lens was dirty for the first shots, so they're all fuzzy.

Paulo gets glittered
even though he wasn't coming with us..
Mel demonstrates her technique Dave does luscious eyebrows with much focus

HaleyMo and her hair The gaggle prepares Glittery Dave The ladies

Haley getting her eyes done Haley's eyes Mel's eyes and Marianna's eyes

A beautiful sunset
prepares us for
A darkened and wild
night of electronica
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