Album:2005:01-28 9:20 Anniversary

The 9:20 Special is the premiere place to Lindy Hop in San Francisco.. nay, in America... nay, in the whole world.

Anyways, it changed hands from Paul and Sharon to Manu Smith a year ago, and they decided to have an anniversary party for the new ownership.

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me (or relevant), they decided to have an old school night, dancing as if it were 1999 (even though it was a one-year anniversary, not a 6-year :)

Regardless, it was much fun to see people dressed in old school clothes and dancing to the old music.

Nate in his orange shirt
(dancing with visiting Val of Marty & Val)
Elliott is old school,
Elliott is new school, Elliott is Elliott
My first outfit
was my favorite old gold zoot suit.
And I was pimpin'

I later changed into
many different old school shirts (such as my dance-geek signed Indigo Swing shirt)
And breakaway pants
(with Chicago/Texas/SF Debbie)
Kermit dressed
(and danced) the part.
And even Peter Vawter
showed up from Japan.
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