Album:2005:01-21 LindyGras



That was epic.

Definitely the best dancing time you can have outside of Herrang, and one of the best times of my life, thanks to the dancing and the music and most of all, the great company.

Haley getting ready
for the dance [photo Jen]
Dave the Hotel Room DJ
[photo Jen]
Curled up
yumminess [photo Tommy/Disco Stu]
Ruby is riding
the wild stallion Jake from Texas [photo Tommy/Disco Stu]

Heather (previously from SF)
and her new man to whom she got engaged at LindyGras! [following photos by Jeff Schoenborn]
Jayoon from Korea
(a.k.a. 'Jay' a.k.a. 'Grapefruit') is one of the bestest follows around
Jake (TX) and Rhonda (SD and the world) Late night was at th..amous House Of Blues

SafetyGirl (due to her seatbelt belt)
is Holly from NC. We had a rockstar dance at the late night that had a whole crowd watching that was a definite ego boost. :)
Dancing with Cat
(from New Orleans?)
Jay again Sonya from NY

What a flirt :) The other Haley,
one of my top five favorite follows in the world, from Haley, FL (also known as Tampa, FL)
Cat The three musketeers
during the band accompanied 'march' from the dance to the late night

The band on the march.
Cars were stopped up while we blocked the streets, and the people in the cars happily waved to us while we made them sit there. I love New Orleans!
The late night.
There's a striped HaleyMo in the background.
Looking like a goof
at the last dance at the Rock 'n Bowl.
being 'statuesque'

Now she's just being silly
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