Album:San Francisco:2004-11-27 Thanksgiving

The Chicago Ljungs Parker moves so fast,
that he's actually invisible, if it wasn't for super high-speed film and strobe flashes.
It was really difficult
to get Mike to take his hand out of his mouth.
their photo shoot is done (for now)

John and Pat Grandpa John Grandpa John and Parker and his littlest sprouts

All the grandparents,
with mischevious Parker, singing Sophie and finger-eating Stella
Take two. Silly Uncle Dave
tries to eat his nephew while his nieces run away in fright
and then Parker's sister
sticks up for him.

Parker tells Uncle Dave
"Don't worry, you probably won't have kids anyways"
The Illinois(/SF) Ljungs The Chicago Ljung's ..ended family level 1
(this categorizing is getting complicated..)
The Chicago Ljung's ..ded family level 1.5

I'm ready for my closeup,
Mr DeMille
Quasi-Uncle Eli, Kari(sp?) and Parker Take two. Great-grandpa and Parker

The Ljung Viking Men Ready to pillage. Parker and his quasi-uncle Eli
(Eli is a stand-in for real uncle, considering the oddities exhibited by Parker's true uncle.)
Eli and Parker

Take two. Shari, Ellen, Stella and Cookie
(and Sophie's hair)
Virginia Szabads Great-Uncle Peter
finds a Parker sandwich

The whole group. Take two.
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