Album:San Francisco:2004-10-31 Halloween

I didn't get to leave the city for Halloween this year as I had promised because I had to take care of my dog.

And Halloween in SF is still a mere shadow of it's prior existence, all because of a stupid stabbing a couple years ago.

Now it's corporate sponsored, for fuck's sake, and it's crawling with the anti-fun police. No more nudity, no more screaming and dancing, no more wild banshees, no more loud parties from the rooftops.

And worse of all, they close it down before 1am. What the hell?

Citizens of San Francisco, I have a suggestion. They made Halloween "safe" and all because of one stabbing, right?

So let's take back the (Halloween) night!

I propose we have two stabbings each year until they give us our Halloween back!

The canonical 'enter.. of the castro' shot In the thick of the madness Mitch loves gnomes
(Mitch also eats paste)
Death knight warrior thing
Star Wars,
of course
was actually playing music for people
People people people!
Castro Halloween brings in something like a quarter million people! [movie]
The castro from the other side
Fandango type puppets Vote-o-Tronic
by Diebold. Vote for Kerry.. I mean.. oops, Bush.
The frickin' man shu.. the party at 12:30.
And they clear out the Castro/Market intersection with FOUR street-cleaning trucks. One intersection. Four trucks. [movie]
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