Album: 2004-10-07 Basie100 NY Frim Fram

     Album:San Francisco:2004-10-07 Basie100 NY Frim Fram

Yehoodi held a 100th birthday party for Count Basie.

The dancing was great the first two nights. Unfortunately the big night was crowded and the band was doing that too slow/too fast for 10 minute song thing, and there was no late night on Sat! Shame, New York.

I suppose Sunday would've be fun, but I got food poisoning.


Regardless, the first two nights were so much fun, and so many of my favorite dancers were there that it was like a mini-Herrang for two days. Even a bunch of the Hot Shots showed up. The only thing missing was the freezing cold showers. :)

The Friday venue
with Sakarias of the Hot Shots dancing up front ( comments)
(occasional San Franciscan) ( comments)
surprises himself with bumping into someone. ( comments)
the penultimate 'Mafia' player ( comments)
Fri night late night
totally rocked [movie] ( comments)
(my indirect host) and Scott from Santa Rosa who, with Odessa ended up taking the same flights as I did. ( comments)
The original, now dwarfed reason
for the whole shebang was the Yehoodi 6th Anniversary awards ( comments)
Mel and Peter
( comments)
dances Big Daddy style. ( comments)
Two of my favorite Lindy Hoppers
( comments)
Anne can always be counted on
to make a face ( comments)
And she's also
a great dance ( comments)
Face and dance,
the 1-2 combo. ( comments)
The amazing Haley from Florida
( comments)
Dancing with ...
(looking at this photo now (2012) I'm surprised I don't know) ( comments)
Debbie and Mel.
( comments)
Mel's friends Jay and Evita from NY
( comments)
Frank Foster's Swing Plus Band
with many Basie alumni ( comments)
Old-timers jam [movie]
( comments)
More of the jam. [movie]
( comments)
For a moment some of the old timers
started a little jam ( comments)
Mel and Tania
at the Sunday "Central Park Swings" ( comments)
Julius (LA)
explaining something very important ( comments)
It probably has to do with
spinning little fuzzy things ( comments)
The bandshell
is reminiscent of LiTP. It seems Lindy practices it's 'church' at bandshells. ( comments)
( comments)
Dancing crowd [movie]
( comments)
I have this problem with cameras, see.. ( comments)
Lindy greats
( comments)
Fantastic music by
the J. Walter Hawkes Combo. ( comments)
Our indirect host,
Sarah (and her back) ( comments)
There she is..
( comments)
Ben and Sarah (Ithica)
from Minnie's Moochers ( comments)
Ben always seems to be blurry.
( comments)
They organized some group photos,
here are some of the old-timers ( comments)
Getting ready for the group photo
( comments)
And the whole Lindy world
(kind of :) I am an unsmiling ghost-like person in the dead center with a shadow across part of my face. ( comments)
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