Album:San Francisco:2004-08-13 SD Steven Virginie

My buddy Mel (and Joel and Allison Ply) ran a Steven & Virginie workshop in San Diego. I dig Mel, and I dig Steven and Virginie (and Joel and Allison are great too), so I trucked down there to help out and take some classes.

Isgard (SD) DJ and organizer Joel Ply looks concerned. Alison,
the other half of 2PlyS

There was lots of dancing Though I'm not sure what this is.. Jason (SLO->SD) and I danced with his lady Dana (SD)

Now, I'm told I like to make faces.. but this is a bit much. Meeshi stretches out Dana again

What the hell
am I looking at?
and someone's head
There's those silly faces again.. Dancing with Harmony

Whom I met in Herrang and who gives massages
Pimpin' Eat much candy
and this happens to you.


Steven. I got a dance with Virginie. Which is nice.. because we don't see her much
in SF

and I had some wonderful dances with Alison who totally rules. And this is my crotch.
Thanks for the shot, Mel! ;)
I think the theme of SD was silly faces.
But that would imply that I don't do this elsewhere..

Steven and Alison
doing something involving noses and, of course, faces.
My buddy Mel. Class on Saturday Learning, I think,
the "Sugarfoot Stomp"

Steven teaching Virginie teaching Damn exhausted. I started to get sick
so I cuddled with little Casey.

I look damn angry,
but I'm really not.
See? Steven and Virginie
demonstrating side connection
It was a great workshop.
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