Album:San Francisco:2004-08-06 SEALX

Seattle had another exchange, and because I went to Herrang earlier this year I was actually able to make it. Because they run right after Herrang I haven't been to Seattle since the first SEALX in 1999, which was the first multi-city Lindy Exchange ever!

Friday dance
at the Swedish Cultural Center with Kevin Buster's band Lunch Money
Saturday had a picnic
at the GasWorks Park
Which is
a neat old gas refinery.
Sunday outdoor dance
near WestLake mall

And AJ and her roomies
has a picnic at their house with lots of yummy semi-vegan things.
Friday late night
at the Washington Dance Club
Niki from Seattle
[prev SJ]
Downtown Valerie Brown!
from Chicago

Saturday dance
was at the Seattle Center (more malls!)
(sponsored by Subway Subs ;) Featuring band Pork Pie
(CD at:
Dancing in the mall

Sunday outdoors
dancing with Melissa [photo lindychef]

Some photos courtesy Tony Yeo (one of my hostmates)
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