Album:San Francisco:2004-07-16 Herrang

I love Herräng. Herräng, Herräng, Oh Sweet Herräng.

I was at Herräng for week 3 this time, and it was the best Herräng ever. More than half of my absolute favorite 20 follows in the world were there, and the late night dancing usually went past 8:30am.

My sleep record for the week was impressive, about 11 hours total from Saturday daytime to Saturday the following week (though it doesn't beat my 7 hours total sleep my first ever week at Herräng'01)

makes freaky faces, and awesome vegan soup
Grace from Melbourne
Andrew screws up (again)
and screams.
The dancers
at the Folkets Hus
dancing late
Jessie and Nathan (SF)
Jessie is dipped amusingly.
Nathan & Jessie
Olga from Moscow
Ursula from Zurich Whom I love to dance with
Photos courtesy Markus from The lovely and infamous Jessica
Dapper Dan and Ursi
Nate and Jessie again
Ursi totally rules.
Did I mention that?
Now, I know this mak..e look really short,
but that's a weird optical illusion.
As you can see,
I'm normal height here.
Although sideways.
Did I mention
that Ursi rocks?
Because she does.
Yes, verily she does.
Owen and Laura showed up too!
[photo Chris Lee]
There was a band in the bar
on Sunday(?) [movie]
And they were pretty good.
The band started playing again at 6am , and people were still dancing upstairs [movie]
Dancing with Haley
[photo Cilou]
Half dead in the morning
after no sleep. The shirt lies! [photo Cilou]
Trying to stay awake for breakfast.
[photo Cilou]
Sondrine [Toulouse] ..dancers of all time.
So we danced plenty. Another Olga from Moscow
But not any less important (though she is short ;) - this Olga teaches Lindy in Moscow and she is way fun to dance and hang out with.
Another late night crowd.
Up all night - 7am closing crew!
Late night photo #2,3
[photo Cilou]
The band plays on Monday night [movie] Rock-Star Haley from Tampa
was there
had a daring jog one morning, and that's all I'm going to say about that.
Kerri (sp?) from Madison...
dances with Aleix ('..esh') from Barcelona
I was a hired thug for a skit
put together by Chester to kidnap Lennart. There was kung-fu fighting and whatnot - I wish I had a video of it. [photo Sofia]
How I get sucked in ..ester's wacky plans,
I'll never know. :) [photo Sofia]
How Chester gets suc.. into his own plans,
I don't know either.. [photo Masha Zotova]
Ursi rocks!
Ursi Rocks!
Becky (Phoenix,Switzerland,Vienna,..)
dances with Mike F.
Gontran ('Magic') from Toulouse
dancing at the Folkets Hus
generally goes from 10pm..
till about 9am
Nuria from Barcelona
is feisty.
Since I was working late
and was at every dance all night, I volunteered to do a late night country count for kicks. USA won every night except one, to those tenacious Toulousians.
And many curious folks
checked the count to see who the late-night diehards were.
In 2005 I found the remnants
of Mandy's original late night count (from 2003, I think)
The beautiful Oksana
from the Ukraine
has lovely eyes.
Saying goodbye to Rock-Star Sandryne Lena from Russia
or was that Ukraine? Can't remember...
I was "forced" to take first class
on the way home. That was damn comfortable.

It seems that I brought sunshine everywhere on this trip.

Europe was having it's wettest summer in something like a century, until I arrived.

It was pouring rain constantly, the rain stopped in Switzerland when I arrived. Then I left for Barcelona where it was pouring until I arrived, and again the weather was beautiful, while it was raining in Sweden, until I showed up in Sweden, and the weather was beautiful. My last stop was in rainy New York, which had a beautiful summer day while I was there. It's now pouring rain in Sweden since I got back.

I'm either the god of rain or sun, I'm not sure which.

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