Album:San Francisco:2004-07-10 Barcelona

I went to Barcelona before Herrang and actually spent more than a couple days there this time. I travelled around the different neighborhoods to learn as much about the city as possible.

I love Barcelona.

Old streets
in my favorite neighborhood, just East of Rambla.
Wavy sculpture
in a sculpture park
This building
is beyond ridickulous.

More barcelona streets.
Laura and Owen
at a dance in Barcelona
My wonderful host, Marta
and Laura, myself and Owen
Goofy Nuria
is way fun to dance with.

The floor
at the Monday dance - in a bar.
The labyrinthe
in some palace, for some historical thing. Whatever. It's way fun.
My host was also my tour guide

Which is great,
because she's actually a professional tour guide.
The next level up is...ain collection pool.
The streets near the beach.
My last dance
on Wednesday

After which we walked
across the street and jumped in the Mediteranean at 2am.
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