Album:San Francisco:2004-05-22 Bottchers Gap

Our friend Jessie was leaving SF for a few months to travel around the world, so we decided to spend some time together camping in Big Sur.

We hiked down into Bottcher's Gap, which has some remote sites to camp.

Kodi is suited up.
She carries her own food camping.
Elly and her boy Hamish.
Elly is eating a stick. I don't know why.
Jessie overlooks the view
with Kodi Bear.
Kermit joins Elly and Hamish.
Kodi just waits for us to let her romp through the forest and attack bears.

Kodi wants to move on. Kodi and I look out on the sunset Kodi laps up some water
from the river where we are camping
Elly, again, defies explanation.

Jessie eating a s'more. Awww.. Kermit doesn't tell campfire scary stories,
he is a scary story.
Marshmallows contain gelatin,
which is not vegetarian, which I am.

But I found some vegan marshmallows
(thanks to Rainbow Grocery)
and had my first s'mores
in something like a decade! (I ate something like 15 s'mores..)
Kodi always waiting patiently. In the morn,
Kodi spent lots of time by the water and we all jumped in at one point, intentionally or not.

And Kermit and I started a fire again.
Camping isn't camping without fire.
Sittin' round the river.
No, I am not talking on a cell phone.
Getting ready for a busy day
of river walking.
Me and my bear.

Jessie crossing the river. Kodi the mountain dog,
in mid jump.
Jessie almost dies
on her crossing.
Kermit decides to jump in
after a quick wardrobe change.

Tally ho! It's silly face time, evidently.
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