Album:San Francisco:2004-03-13 Walking Fish

So I have this friend Fabienne who lives in Switzerland, and she's a rock star.
So, not yet, but soon she will be. She's a great singer, and she just joined a band called Walking Fish, and on March 13th of 2004 they had their first concert.
This is particularly significant to me since I wrote some lyrics for Fabienne, and one of the songs they played was from my lyrics, a self-pitying, woebegone song called Blue.

Blue is one of their openers, and I have a couple of copies as well as a few other songs I wrote the lyrics for:

Blue (studio) [mp3, 3.7M] lyrics as recorded, as written
Blue (practice session) [mp3, 3.4M] (sorry about the quality - copied from tape)
Goodnight ("Hide and Seek") [mp3, 4.0M] lyrics as recorded, as written
The Day My Sunglasses Died [mp3, 3.8M] lyrics as recorded, as written
at the concert
At the start of the show
they walked out with fish on their heads. Walking Fish. Get it?
Fabienne has groupies! Walking Fish

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