Album:San Francisco:2004-02-13 FYLBooty

We had another LindyBooty

It was a big-fun success.

This time it was the FYLBooty* anti-Valentines day party.

It was Friday the 13th, and we had a "Red Velvet Lounge" for making out in the back room, a tattoo parlor, chocolate fondue, those stupid candy hearts littered about the place as well as projectors running in the main room and again a band.

We had folks in from Portland, Seattle, New York, Sacramento, Barcelona, and so on. It was, as I said, big-fun.

* FYL == "Fuck You Love"

Kent and Ellie
dancing in the main room.
The view from behind
and above the band.
The back was
the "Red Velvet Lounge," with red fabric and pillows and a projector playing "Breakfast At Tiffanies" on a white sheet on the wall.
And the lounge
also led to much shenanigans

With help from
D.C. Dave and Celia
Follow threesome! Beth, Ruby and Miranda Dancing at the booty
(Lac, Beth in front) [photo Jeremy]

Dancing at the booty
(Lac, Sara) [photo Jeremy]
Angela, Kermit, Ellie and Lac,
with Miranda, Eman and Debbie on top [photo Jeremy]
We had a tattoo parlor..
[photo Jeremy]
where Miranda received
a Portland LX tattoo [photo Jeremy]

Which she was proud of.
[photo Jeremy]
Celia as well
[photo Jeremy]
Thanks Miranda!
:) [photo Jeremy]
Looking cheesy at my party,
Lac is passed out [photo Sara Huntington]

Hey, remember..
This is an anti-Valentine's day party [photo Sara Huntington]
Dancing with Elly Belly
[photo Sara Huntington]
Dima had a birthday "dance" as Dima is the original
founder of LindyBooty

it was different.. from your normal jam.. as can be seen here.
[photo Jeremy]
it was quite a show
[photo Jeremy]

that involved whipped cream.. and saucy women.. saucy, saucy women While this was happening..
[photo Jeremy]

I was out front talking to police..
[photo Jeremy]
about a noise complaint..
[photo Jeremy]
while everyone else enjoyed the jam.
[photo Jeremy]
He was happy.

It really was
whipped cream, I swear.

Much thanks to all the people who made it possible, Kermit and Beth and Ruby and all the other helpers that I'm forgetting. Without you, there would be no LindyBooty.
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