Album:San Francisco:2004-02-10 Barcelona Girls

In February the lovely Barcelona girls came to visit the Donnelly's. On the 10th we all went to Broadway Studios to dance, and I invited everyone over for Mamou the next day.

Dancing at Broadway with Laura,
who I met in Herrang
I feel good!
(in a European mood, I'm wearing my Switzerland shirt)
from Swing Session a.k.a. Stompy Jones

Dancing with Laura.. is always.. a pleasure. Marta got Pop's
to sign the CD for one of their friends back in Barcelona

Cookin' up the Mamou Getting ready for dinner Posin' Marta and Owen
eating dessert

Elliott is
well, Elliott, while
Laia enjoys her dessert. Digesting Laura

Elliott Marta and,.. well..
Elliott again. This should come as no surprise. ;)
I think we..

were all fed.
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