Album:San Francisco:2004-01-01 Paris Lindy Exchange

Thanks to a consulting job I got a free ticket out of, I was able to make it out to Paris for the New Years Lindy Exchange. After that I headed off to Stockholm, Barcelona and Switzerland. Free tickets are great.

Some photos courtesy of Paris Flo & N.Y. Kara Hrabosky

The first night we arrived,
I was tortured by lack of sleep for 3 days.
New Years at Blue Bayou .. ..
Gare de Montparnasse .. .. Carole Baraud
Elsa, Maria (Barcelona) and Anita Sondrine (and Max?) Flo Flo at the Gare de Lyon
"Lindy dans le Metro"
Anita Burg (Stockholm)
Aimee ('Ah-may' - like Francais) (Chicago) Carole Baraud Aimee Micheline (Paris Host!)
Elsa and Flo Flo (Paris) Marie-Aude (Paris) - law school Florence 'Flo Flo' (Paris) Celia
Sondrine and Celia making out Celia (Montpellier) .. Gressier (Toulouse) Erin Jurich (Denver->Germany) Carole Baraud (Toulouse)
Micheline (Paris Host!) Valerie? (Toulouse) Stephanie Olliffe (SF->London) Elsa, Organizer
*Awesome* Toulouse follow Gil (Chicago) Yaelle Devaux (Paris) and Brian McNamara The teeny Arc de Triomph
at the Louvre
Arc The center park of the Louvre
at night
.. ..
Turned around,
showing the Arc again
Lindy At The Louvre Moments before I had.. leave for Stockholm Choco Swing!
Weird Dave Yankovic
(I'm pregnant)
Group Photo Left Group Photo Right More GPR.
Lindy At The Louvre Terrified of stop missage!
My host Micheline and co-hostee Brian
What will we do now? My co-hostee group
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