Album:San Francisco:2003-12-04 Chicago Anniversary:2003-12-06 Spencers

I resurrected a classic old-school venue for the Anniversary, namely "Spencers" featuring none other than the infamous DJ Spencer himself.

Spencers was hidden in the back of the DNA Lounge and ran every Sat night till very late.

It was free, and to get in you needed a Spencer's Card, which was a black business card with nothing on it but "Spencers" in silver script.

Even though Spencer's closed years ago, many still have their card and we gave a discount at the door for card carrying members, just for old times sake.

DJ Spencer
spinning swing tunes again!
Dancing at Spencers
This time at AsiaSF
which even had some annoying posts on the floor, just like the old Spencers.
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