Album:San Francisco:2003-09-21 Canyonlands Arches Needles

My dad and I went on an REI Adventures trip.

I must confess that initially I didn't think it would be fun to go camping on a big group trip, but it was freakin' great.

So great, in fact, that it has inspired me to start my own tour company.

These are the photos that my pops took and captioned.

Sunrise on campsite Monday The Overlook! Lathrop Trail Hike 6.2 miles Steve explains geology
Lathrop Trail Monday We hike to dome Dave's Campsite Other tents - Sunday
Dave plans climb down Lathrop - Artsy pic Lathrop - Rest break White Rim Overlook Monday
Note White Rock Layer View from Overlook Dave surveys the universe Sunset on La Sal Mtns Monday
Rest stop Paul, Dave, Duncan set up 10 sec to picture! Bowtie
Jeeps close to edge Return from Corona Free Water Tues afternoon Newspaper Rock - Cubs Win!
Tues appetizers! Jody and Steve cooking Six Shooter Sunset Sunset from 2nd campsite
Sunday Dinner Sept 21, 2003 Sunset Tuesday Shady Gorge Start Chesler Park Hike
Lunch View from campsite Wednesday Chesler Park Sunset Monday
Colorado River from Corona Tr Potash RR - Corona Trail Hike to Corona Arch Tuesday Corona Arch Sept 23, 03
Bowtie Arch Leaving Side Joint We are going down there! Dave in narrowest spot
I need to get out!! Dave's Adventure Tours - cave Clients follow Dave into cave Right to Elephant Canyon
Jody, Tanya, Sharon Consuelo and the "Happy Mexican!"
rock formation (far left)
Dave's Adventures - Cave 2 Sunset Wed after 12 mi hike
Sunset Wed Sept 24, 03 Hiking above lush wash Dave, Consuelo and Tanya swim Don in hot tub
Joanne - SI swimsuit picture! Son and Father Defaced Pictographs Delicate Arch Hike Thur
Delicate Arch Dave, Joanne on steep side Group Photo Delicate Arch Dave and Friend
Needles How much farther Joints viewed from lunch site Lunch Tanya,Paul,Sharon,Jody.
Joanne's New Style Boot Joint Trail Wednesday Courthouse Wash Thursday Courthouse Wash 5.2 miles
Mountain Lion Tracks! Hiking down wash Pictograph on canyon wall Double Arches Friday
Tanya Joanne Grant Paul Joanne on Dave's Tour! Cryptobiotic crust Reddish Sunset Colors
Raven Larry, Dave, Steve, Duncan .. Park Avenue Hike Friday Park Avenue Skyscrapers
Balanced Rock Falls! Delicate Arch at sunset Picnic Feast at Delicate Arch
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