Album:San Francisco:2003-08-02 Stockholm

After Herrang I brilliantly decided to spend a few days in one of my favorite cities, Stockholm.

I was fortunate enough to be hosted by the lovely Jessica, who showed me around the city.

Beautiful view of the city We went to Skansen
which has a zoo. In Europe they aren't as afraid of lawsuits, so the animals are close, and that's freakin' great. Jessica is petting a moose.
And I'm riding a horse. Yeeha!

We befriend some Billy Goats. And this one tries to eat my pants leg. They have Meerkats
who are just allowed to wander around the zoo.
How great is that?

So I have a talk with one of them. And best of all,
you can walk in the Lemur cage. Lemurs! I actually pet a lemur, and one later leaped off my back. Lemurs!
We go to Gröna Lund Amusement Park
and ride the roller coaster!
And there's a funhouse
that has this undulating bridge that I realized you could launch off of.
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