Album:San Francisco:2003-07-26 Herrang

I love Herrang.

Oh yes, yes I do.

Folkets Hus.
On my way to Sweden
I flew through Germany. I had never been to Germany before, so I stepped outside and took a picture to prove it. Interesting ad.
I got the most bitch..ent private housing.
One block from Fulkets Hus.
Dancing. Yes.

when I arrived was %27Woodstock.%27  I came woefully unprepared, but some body paint solved this problem.

The theme party
at Herrang
And I got some free hippie love
from Eva and Malin.
I put a shirt on later,
Dancing late into the night

Obligatory Shim-Sham photo,
Frankie and Chazz Young leading.
Shim-Sham video. Dancing into the morning,
Carol (FR) and Sosh (USA)
Sosh dancing with th..tastic Sondrina (FR)

Owen (SF) and Laura (Barcelona) Laura looking sexy Sosh and Sondrina Sondrina making a face

Owen and Laura again Owen and Laura Ayup Owen and Sondrina,
Charles taking a break in the back.

Pow! Charles (SF) and Nuria (Barcelona) Charles and Nuria Owen takes a break

Finally we are kicked out
at 7:30am. Only four leads are left, all from SF! Represent! (Charles is taking the photo)
The Barcelona ladies
checking out the photos from the night before.
Then they teach me an excellent game
which is very funny and silly.
This is our new,
space-age start for the game, invented at Herrang, thank you very much.

Emil, my dog-friend in Herrang
goes swimming with Jessica, Lotti, Thomas and I.
Emil eats a stick.
Good dog.
Emil's keepers, Lotti and Thomas Good dog.

Trying to take a photo. And failing. Late late late again,
Jennie (Uppsala) and Daniel of the Hot Shots falling asleep.
Hanging out with amusing Andrei

from Russia Dancing in the Folkets Hus. More dancing,
Eva in front.
the belly dancing Lindy Hopper

Kati from Finland
in the Cafe
Again, trying to take a photo
and failing
with Hanna the Hot Shot,
in the Cafe
Muriel (Sweden)
playing pool after much, much dancing.

Christy (Seattle) Mark (London)
relaxing at the end of Herrang
was my boss for my Herrang "job"
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