Album:San Francisco:2003-06-21 D C Dave and Waterfalls

A group of us decided to cruise up to the Portland area for a blues party that D.C. Dave was holding, ala Lindy Booty Style.

We picked Nat up in Sacramento
and saw a foreshadowing of upcoming party
Road trip
Natasha, Tiff, Dave, Dima
We went to the Portland waterfalls
(near Multnomah Falls) which were far more amazing then I expected.
Haley and Natasha
playing on the rocks on the way to the first waterfall

Haley and I Water [movie] The gushing ...behind the waterfall We hiked around behind the first waterfall
which had weird log-like rock formations

And I got soaked [movie] So wet
that I could surf the paved walkway in my soaked shoes
We hiked up to Wahkeena Falls
which Haley proudly displays
Through an arch in the bridge wall
the water rushes away

waterfall mountain-man
Dave and Nat and then we find someone to take a picture [movie] but he switched it to "movie"
by mistake, and that looks pretty funny.

I climbed up inside ...ttom of Fairy Falls.
There's water rushing around all sides of me, but you can't see it here..
Then we hiked through Oneonta Gorge Which involved wading
through freezing water to get to the waterfall at the end
Which was excellent

And since we were already wet and cold,
Natasha and I went for a swim
Which was very cold Haley knew better. But I didn't.

Hot girl on guy on g...girl on girl action! Haley and Dave on (f..., Thao, Tiff and Nat I don't know why I bother
since my camera can't handle the low light
Thao Nguyen,...

who somehow convinced me..
(photo courtesy Jim)
to let her do my hair up like Haley's
ain't I cute?
Calico dancing
to some ridiculous song
Our valiant host, D.C Dave,
and some of his breakfast crew, Tiff and Celia
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