Album:San Francisco:2003-06-12 Muir Woods

My dad and I went for an 8 mile hike into Muir Woods. It's a good place. I had brought along the phone attachment for my Siemens S55 phone, which doesn't quite measure up to my 3Mpixel digital camera. It's a heck of a lot smaller though.

My dad
on the beaten path..
A snake
we found on the path. It would be easier to see if I had used a better camera.
The whole bridge/creek thing The whole creek/bridge thing
And on the bridge, can you find the blur that is my dad?

and my new home
Some pipe
ran the length of the path (Sierra Trail?), for some unknown, possibly nefarious purpose. It had rusted away, and this is a picture of an armored lizard thing running into the pipe. I think he's above the second ring, not the first one - I think that's a leaf or something.
Lazing in Van Wyck meadow A bit of waterfall
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