Album:San Francisco:2003-05-23 Lindy Prom SDLX

Mel and Chance
(photo by Lac - lactancio at
Me and the Prom Queen
(photo by Lac - lactancio at
Me and Haley from Tampa Mo and I
went to breakfast on Newport in Ocean Beach

my Siemens S55 cellphone camera isn't stellar
and we walked the beach afterwards Chance and Casey
one of the best dogs
Aren't we graceful?
(Haley again)

Mel and Chance had a jam
I danced with both of them, and gave Chance a chance to show off his Man-Swivels(tm)
Someone had the bril...dea to play 4-Square Which totally ruled
(photos courtesy Andy Cheung)
I dove for the ball..
and missed.. and ate asphalt

But eventually became square FOUR! Dima, showing off his fashion sense,
with his vintage tux
A massage line.
Guess who's in front?
Barbara Morrison

The Prom Queen shows off her second tiara and has a jam with the Prom King after winning their crowns

Lisa Rae (SD)
hides from the camera
I'm the Prom King
with my 3 Prom Queens (notice the shirts)
My Prom Queen ...

Our prom photo
how touching..
Barbara Morrison
was playing
did I mention that she rules? Michelle Boyd (DC)..

..dancing with Elliott (SF) Debbie (LA).. ..and Justin (SLO) The white trash Prom Queen
keeps a balloon

Haley from Tampa Last song of the last night:
The TimeWarp
which many joined in [movie] Including host Mel

Done with the prom and walking home
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