Album:San Francisco:2002-12-27 Antigua

My gracious parents (thanks to my gracious grandfather) decided to have a big family reunion in Antigua.
I can't argue with that.
So Mo and I spent Xmas in San Diego with her family, then we packed up and headed for the Carribean. Wahoo!
There was much sun, but unfortunately I got some freaky hardcore intestinal disease before we even left San Diego, and I was miserable sick for the first half of the trip - we even ended up going to the hospital.
That was an interesting experience - lasting a good seven hours (it was becoming comparable to the grueling SF General incident). But the happy part of the story is that, because of those 7 hours, we didn't get to leave that third-world hospital until after 5pm.
Why does that matter, you may ask, my faithful reader? Well, when we went to the nurses window to checkout and pay, they told me we could just go, because "the cashier had gone home for the day."
So, as it turns out, Antigua has a better Medical Plan than the United States. Have emergencies late and they're free!
This came in handy once more, when Mo got an insect bite that made her whole arm get stiff and sore. We went to go check it out free! Wish that's how things worked here...
Anyways, we finally both managed to stop going to the emergency ward and had a smashing time.

Mo, exhausted from the flight
relaxes on the bed
She is concerned
Camera attack! When we were kids,
my brother and I use to make sand dragons in Grenada

I thought we should pass the tradition on
to my nephew Parker and niece Sophie
and we decided to make a bigger dragon The main construction crew
Mo and I (holding Parker), dad (holding Sophie) and brother Mike
Mike and I attack the waves
That's Mike doing the disco move, I'm the big white splash next to him

Me and my girl
in the sunset
Ditto Mo relaxes with a book
(Raymond Feist, actually)
Squinty Mo

Walks out on the beach and poses in the sun This is great.
Karaoke night. My dad and his new buddy doing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
We weren't surprised
That's not an added echo, that's them.. :)
My mom sings
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - I have fond(er) memories of my mom singing it when I was a kid. At least they had the guts to do Karaoke - I chickened out, though Mo sang "Sittin' By The Dock Of The Bay"
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