Album:San Francisco:2002-10-10 Race Drivin

My wildest arcade dreams came true..

I perchance happened across an auction on ebay with five hours left.
It was a local auction for an Atari arcade game called Race Drivin'.

Now, I have a fetish for driving games, and I particularly appreciate realism. And Race Drivin' is about as realistic as you can get - it was the first full-3D driving game, it had a force feedback steering wheel, a full clutch/stick shift, driving physics, and a price tag of something like $6/$8/$15k?? (I've heard various reports, anyone know?)

It is, verily,

The greatest game in the world.

Ah yes.
And I saw it on ebay with five hours left and bought it for $200.

And the gods smiled down upon me...

Okay, I'm getting a little heavy with the prose, but I have always dreamed of having this game - and I didn't expect it to happen 'till I was loaded with cash, yet, here it is:

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Race Drivin'! The cabinet
sitting in my garage
Race-Drivin Manual Race-Drivin Operators-Manual

The game was in good condition when I bought it, but a few things were broken.

I pulled out the brake/clutch assembly, the frame was broken and one of the axles was starting to wear through - I welded the frame and home-machined a new sleeve for the axle. I also took apart the gas pedal which was sticking and managed to free it up. The shifter needed reassembly and rewiring. Now it works except for the solenoid lock which keeps you from shifting without pressing the clutch. Last of all I need to fix the seat lock and replace the battery RAM which stores high scores when the power is off.

I ran across another pedal and shifter set which I've replaced mine with - if you're interested in purchasing my spare parts, let me know.

Race Drivin' Manual [pdf]

Race Drivin' Operators Manual [pdf]

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