Album:San Francisco:2002-08-28 Burning Man

My second trip to Burning Man With photos taken by other people as well .

Other People
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Driving towards Black Rock City At the ticket gate
they search a car and pull out five people trying to sneak in hidden in this Volvo in front of me
ELWire Butterfly
(would flap it's wings!)
time delay shot showing the flapping

Dan Das Mann and h..Grass in the desert! A massive bus
showing the (related?) Temple Of Joy in the background
A dust storm hits
and then it rains with lightning
And finishes off with a fantastic sunset
with my camp and robot from 2003 project in foreground

More of the post-rain deep sky Some of the Firetown crew The robot from my project for next year
standing glorious in the sunset
Opera Arkipelago o..e Ark of the Nereids

The head of Draka the Dragon
art car(s)
La Contessa
an incredible art car hidden on top of a school bus. It just floated across the desert surface. It was enormous. That's a person up in the crows nest.
La Contessa in the distance Fish/Boat art car

Critical Tits Bike Ride is a big event every year CTBR
with fish car in the background
Green woman

Red woman And silver women And multicolored women riding away..

Grope-A-Klown I finally run into Nora again Human Ball
not the most efficient way to travel
This boat was handing out cotton candy!
Bless them!

David Best's incredible Temple Of Joy Was made from the scrap wood
of those dinosaur cut-out skeleton toys
The Temple A rocket car on the playa

A wedding in front of the temple
that I bumped into
Looking at the Esplanade
from the Playa. Center Camp is on the right side, the ball on the left is the Kaleidosphere which you could stand inside. Hard to describe.
Nate Smith of Firetown with Well I'll Be A..equed Monkey's Butt

his flame vortex
which I was proud to help setup and run
There were two industrial fans
which pushed air into this huge cylinder
Zebra Man
came to see the tornadoes
It took a while to find the vortex

But then he figured it out And just pulled them out of the air,
so to speak
[picture by A. Haberlach]
Building a tornado

Wisps of a tornado
Good tornado column
[movie] (unfortunately interrupted by a trespasser)
[movie] Flame in the air
Firetown crew on the drivable couch

which is in front of..ny slippers art cars Massive flaming flower garden Draka in the daytime People dancing
(one of) the most common BM activities

Kiki of Firetown created Egeria
an amazing burning waterfall
Where you could hold fire in your hands.
another photo
(thanks Kiki!)

Ezra, who taught me the joys of BM Greeting [these photos courtesy Meuon]
the Town Crier
Totoro! The flame vortex
from a distance, showing a fairly tall column

A column barely forms
from the fuel that Nate is adding.
The start
of a powerful column
A beautifully overexposed shot Another strong column starts

Nate's crew
after a hard days work.
I resume my wedding ..nd Wendy of Firetown And then this couple comes along.. And wants to get married also.

Nate taming the fire
[photo courtesy Mark Bocchicchio]
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