Album:San Francisco:2002-08-23 LindyBooty

My friend Dima was going to run a blues night called LindyBooty

Unfortunately, his location was cancelled before he even had his big opening night, so we decided to have it at my place.

It was orginally Dima's party, but it was Mr. Fun. He had John Turk playing piano, and he later had two more bands step up and jam for a bit. There were about 75 people in my place, which is pretty close to capacity.

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shot of the party, John Turk on the right
So I tried the flash
and it surprised people.
John Turk (mpg)
playing Satin Doll (sideways and too dark - if anyone wants to touch up the video, please do..)
John Turk (mpg) and dancers

John Turk playing the blues ..with Elliott dancing in the foreground Shot of the front room At the end of the night
the last two bands jammed together

That's Dan @ guitar and Peter @ violin
(and I don't remember the other two..)
One of the later bands that played (mpg)
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