Album:San Francisco:2002-07-10 London-Herrang

Mo and I took off for London and then Sweden to go to Herrang '02.

It was mister fun.

They have silly cars in Europe
this one is about the size of a motorcycle
Obligatory walking around London
with lovely "eyes-closed" (tm) expression
We go to Madame Toussad's wax museum
and Mo tries to pick Picard's nose
And Dave tells Elle
that he's not interested

But changes his mind... Mo and Picard hanging out
(for Mo's mom)
Robin Williams hits on bad times
and Dave contributes
Mo and Chuck

Dave peers up Marilyn's dress Dave and Shakespeare
(for Dave's mom)
Ladies and Gentlemen..e President of the..
Oh my god! I've been shot
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ex-President
of The United States

Lincoln gives Mo a noogie And Mo gives Clinton a... on the ride leaving the wax museum
(No Photos!)
But we took a photo anyways

Dancing in London
that's our most excellent host, David Zilkha
Nice club David again,
pose self-explanatory
Mark, the DJ, and nice guy

David our host
on fire
Dancing.. David and his troupe.. a huge performance. It's at the end of t..ubilee Baton Relay..

which is where peopl..ick around England.. God Save The Queen! Importers and Exporters of WHAT? Obligatory Tube reflecto-shot

Mo in London's Chinatown
near Picadilly Square
The entrace to Chinatown
which, oddly enough, is in the middle of Chinatown
I try to get a photo of Mo in low light
which doesn't work
So I try with a, and totally fail

But then our host pu..postcard photo of us Obligatory London Phone Booth shot This is the most dis..ride I've ever seen. We go to Stockholm
and walk the narrow streets of Gamla Stan (Old Town)

The best candy store in the world
the brown & white logs in the middle are SnoBoller, the best candy ever
Windy alleys of Gamla Stan Mo in Gamla Stan Again..

Three people making strange poses,
I only know one of them
The edge of Gamla Stan
before entering Ahlens City
We get to Herrang
in time for the Friday theme Dance the theme is "Fairy Tales"
Our costumes
Mo is a blue elf, I am Pan, God of the Wood

Ursi! More of the Friday dancing
Jonas in the foreground
The Herrang Folkets blur-o-vision(tm) Steven Mitchell's Jazz routine class
(Shiny Stockings, week 3, AP)

We went to Hallstavik
and there was this Bulldog statue, so..
we had to take photos Shiny Stockings comes on
and Steven's students perform
In blur-o-vision(tm)!

(that's Jonas from Ashton right behind him)
Mo dances On the way to the beach
there's a really great rock
Mo poses at the beach

Woo hoo! Dave relaxes ... Sexy Mo in the sun
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