Album:San Francisco:2002-05-24 MAME Cabinet

I found an old Dig-Dug arcade game in San Jose. The exterior was solid, though was missing some pieces from a conversion, and the interior was in shambles. That was fine with me, because I wanted to use it as a MAME cabinet to hide my data/mp3 server - so I cleaned out the interior and dropped the server in.

I hooked up a computer monitor, built an arcade control panel that can interface with the computer (using I-Pac. I installed MAME, an arcade game emulator (as well as a bunch of other emulators, such as Atari 2600). Presto, I have an entire arcade (over 10 thousand games..) in my living room, and I have my server neatly hidden out of view.

Nobody's noticed the ethernet cable coming out of the back of my Dig-Dug machine yet. ;)

I wrote a simple curses-based front-end for my cabinet which rocks and is easy to control from the control panel.

So here's the construction of my almost-finished MAME cabinet:

The cabinet
with the arcade monitor pulled (you can see burn-in of the basketball game on the screen)
The back
of the cabinet after I've started gutting it
Monitor stand
and braces to keep it from moving
The new monitor
installed running linux, but with no bezel or controls
The start
of my new control panel
Should have done
in the first place: created a panel template
The control panel,
before installation, but connected to the Ultimarc iPac2 PS/2 switch converter
The bottom
of the panel
The panel installed
(still needs an overlay)
New system
I replaced the antiquated dual 133MHz that I found on the street with a 1.2GHz AMD with this snifty case (which never gets seen once it's tucked inside)
Keyboard tray
slides out from behind the control panel (and covers up the wires) - using cabinet sliders from Home Depot.
Thermaltake (90mm) fan
I installed under the top vent (pardon the dust). Supposedly the fan adjusts speed based on temp, but it's probably going to be on all the time. I extended the fan cable down to the case with speaker wire :)
Playing joust!
(the marquee and coin slots work/light up!)
Running asq
my front-end for MAME

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