Album:San Francisco:2001-12-31 New Years

My dear friend Mel decided to hold a Lindy Exchange in San Diego for New Years, and it was much fun.
Many photos stolen from Swingorama, let me know if you mind having your photo here.

Group photo
at the Rocket - I actually wasn't here for this
First night
of the exchange, at Claytons
Yea, so..
that's me with my eyes closed (and Mel)
Maureen looking pensive at Cafe Savoy

And later that night at Kermit's.
The famous "Dave's a Monkey" pose.
Darin (SF)
referred to on the swingorama message board as "that mohawk guy"
Kermit (SD) Pizza Party
The most excellent Shauna Marble (Utah) and her boy, Matt (Colorado)

Fun with cups
Chance blowing on the spinning cup thingy, trying to make a basket
The cup game
courtesy Shauna
Dancing at the Champion Ballroom More Champion night shots

Elliott the freak Champion Ballroom Ummm..
That's Rachel (SD) and Todd (SF/Sac)
Chance and Mel

Chance and Mel
move lightning fast
so you can't even see them! Shauna Marble Deb (LA) and ??
Break it down..

Deb was embarassed
when she saw I was taking pictures of them
Okay, so maybe it's not that clever Todd has this effect on people Mel laughs

Mel and Val
at the park (photo Anna Marie)
Anna Marie from Chicago
has a fish-eye lens on her camera
I am a little fishie
(avi video)
Dancing - or am I?
I need to lift up my feet more..

because I look like I'm not moving Dorota Mel gets a Jam Blue dances

Peter (SF) and Tania (SD) Mel surveys her creation
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