Album: 12-24 Xmas

     Album:2001:12-24 Xmas

This Christmas I got to stay at home in San Francisco, and I spent it with my good friends Kodi Bear and Mr. Peterson.
My beautiful Christmas tree, replete with cow ornaments. ( comments)
Mr Peterson
Joins the Christmas party ( comments)
Kodi and Mr. P
Waiting to open presents ( comments)
Waiting patiently ( comments)
sniffs her present, raw liver, pork sausage and eggs mashed together, and wrapped up in a bowl. ( comments)
And Mr. P notices
( comments)
Can we open them now?
( comments)
The Christmas crew
with our newly won Blue Monkey hats, courtesy Paul and Sharon ( comments)
Climbing over the Bear
to give Kodi her present ( comments)
Kodi eats
her present ( comments)
Mr Peterson
isn't sure about hers ( comments)
And then
she realizes that it's liver ( comments)
Aileen gets some Heelys
( comments)
Kodi naps
after a hard Christmas ( comments)
Aileen tries out her Heelys
( comments)
And doesn't crash
( comments)
DSC00289 orig
( comments)
DSC00301 pinky
( comments)
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