Album: 12-08 Disney

     Album:2001:12-08 Disney

Natasha and I were flying down to L.A. for the WLHC (World Lindy Hop Championships). The WLHC was cancelled, so we decided to go to Disney instead, with Jeremy and my good friend Melissa.
Hanging out with Mel
in her new car. Picture taken by outstretched hand, like most of these pics ( comments)
Mel the driver
( comments)
The crew
Jeremy, Mel, Nat and me ( comments)
Make your own sugar cookie with as much frosting as you want, so I did.. ( comments)
Main Street U.S.A.
( comments)
Some parade
( comments)
The line for Space Mountain, I think
( comments)
Preparing for our demise
on Space Mountain ( comments)
So, this is the inside
of Space Mountain. The flash didn't work so well. ( comments)
Flying through Space Mountain
the best part was the blinding effect of the flash ( comments)
The line for the Indiana Jones ride
( comments)
Love the skulls like Indy would
( comments)
Love the skull!
Love it! ( comments)
On the Indiana Jones ride
( comments)
Another Indy jeep
( comments)
Mel singing? ;)
( comments)
One of the Indiana adventurers in our jeep
( comments)
The line for Small World
( comments)
It's a small, small (and very dark) world
( comments)
I'm Tarzan!
( comments)
Nat sticks her hand in something
(at Tarzan's Treehouse) ( comments)
Another ride....?
( comments)
Something dark...
Small world? ( comments)
And, we're pretty much just sitting around
( comments)
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