Album:San Francisco:2001-10-31 Halloween

Looking down the hil...he throngs of people
celebrating Halloween in the Castro
Packed from sidewalk to sidewalk,
street to street
The crowd from the other side Some giraffes
feeding on the trees

Wild displays of debauchery
were happening in most windows
And on top of bus stops Entertain us! Some lip-syncing transvestites
who were unfortunately caught in the blur

When Smurfs go bad 1000 Robots! Dinosaur cut-out toy This is Spinal Tap!
This is Derek Smalls. He wrote this.

Crowds of people cram onto Muni Window dancing More debauchery at a big party

On Castro street Skeleton Man Aaaa-ni-mal! Hey guys! Wait for me!

She can be my elf anytime.
Doctor, I think we'r... to have to operate. Jesus,
you look pretty bad.
More dancing

window debauchery Have a seat. Your La-Z-Boy when you're not around.. Liberace
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