Album: 10-27 ILMoween

     Album:2001:10-27 ILMoween

I got to go to the ILM Halloween.


Holy cow.

Jenkin's, even.

The invite
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The party was at the ILM stage.
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Eric (Harry Potter) and his boss,
the big G man. ( comments)
which goes round and round - notice the little George Lucases riding the carousel. The man behind her was lugging around a ticket booth. The entire carousel went round and round and up and down and rotated around her body. This couple, not surprisingly, won first place. ( comments)
American Gothic
won 3rd? place? I would have given them second ( comments)
Mario and the Princess
and they were actually dressed up like that behind their cutouts ( comments)
My eye! My eye!
Some of their birds actually flapped their wings up and down. ( comments)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
( comments)
They were standing on chairs with this bamboo attached to it, pretty funny actually. They won 2nd or 3rd place. ( comments)
We are no longer the Knights who say Ni!
We are now the knights who say "icky icky icky p'tang zooomboing rawrawrawrr.." (this costume was like 10' tall!) ( comments)
Scary dancing evil clowns
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Fava beans and a bottle of Chianti
One of my favorites - though this picture doesn't fully show it, the man playing Hannibal on the cart is the upper half of Hannibal and the lower half of the police officer, so he's really pushing himself around. ( comments)
Tiki God!
( comments)
Well now, children,
this here is my private nurse.. ( comments)
Ghostbusters. His backpack was great. ( comments)
Flying Carpet
Fake legs again - he's actually standing under the carpet. ( comments)
One of the ILM? work..also does Robot Wars
And this is a large-scale version of his robot ( comments)
Their kids drive it around
( comments)
Project Renaissance
( comments)
I can't remember where this creature comes from?? ( comments)
But he was
getting down and funky to the music ( comments)
Spongebob Squarepants!
( comments)
A family of sardines
( comments)
Singing in the Rain
The best part is, not only did the bulb light up, but it was sprinkling water down the whole night. ( comments)
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I don't remember this person's name,
but she used to work for Lucas, and doesn't anymore, so she went up to him and pinched his but. This is a re-enactment. ( comments)
Eric and his friend, Eddie Munster
( comments)
Let the wild rumpus begin!
Max from Where The Wild Things Are ( comments)
Revenge of the nerds.
You should have seen the nerd dance. ( comments)
Amidala and "George"
in the lineup for best costume (no, that's not the real George) ( comments)
Cantina Singer
dances with the creature ( comments)
Get down, get down, get down!
( comments)
Sith Nun
( comments)
Stilt person and fortune teller
( comments)
Boba Fett, Mint-on-card
This was by far my favorite costume. ( comments)
It won "best Star Wars costume"
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