Album:San Francisco:2001-10-12 Austin Exchange

In October I got to dance in Texas again for the first time since I'd moved to SF, all thanks to the Austin Lindy (Un)Exchange

It was a mellow time for me, particularly nice because I got to hang out with my friend Mel from San Diego.

It also turned out to be a big historical moment for me, since it was the time I finally gave in to blues dancing, starting a happy blues career for myself.

A blurry Mel plays
with our hosts attack kitten
Mel smiles Kim's kitten licks her lips.. and gets ready to pounce
Finding someone to attack ALX dancing
at the Dell JCC
People dancing so fast
that they got blurry! (yea, it wasn't my fault!)
Actually, I needed to set
the exposure long so the blur is unavoidable
Late night at the One World Theater Outdoor Lindy at the University
taking a picture of Marilee Annereau taking a picture
The crowd at LBJ Mel dancing
And.. Isgaard from San Diego Dave and Mel
[photo Brian Lasseter]
Adriana from Denver
(She's everywhere I go! :)
Marilee dancing Alicia(sp?) from San Antonio
if I'm not mistaken..
Mel getting dipped
Rose dancing
and it was her Birthday too!
Val (SD) and Ryan (Austin) Well, at least Val got serious Mel and Sherry, getting swanky
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