Album: 10-12 Austin Exchange

     Album:2001:10-12 Austin Exchange

In October I got to dance in Texas again for the first time since I'd moved to SF, all thanks to the Austin Lindy (Un)Exchange

It was a mellow time for me, particularly nice because I got to hang out with my friend Mel from San Diego.

It also turned out to be a big historical moment for me, since it was the time I finally gave in to blues dancing, starting a happy blues career for myself.

A blurry Mel plays
with our hosts attack kitten ( comments)
Mel smiles
( comments)
Kim's kitten licks her lips..
( comments)
and gets ready to pounce
( comments)
Finding someone to attack
( comments)
ALX dancing
at the Dell JCC ( comments)
People dancing so fast
that they got blurry! (yea, it wasn't my fault!) ( comments)
Actually, I needed to set
the exposure long so the blur is unavoidable ( comments)
Late night at the One World Theater
( comments)
Outdoor Lindy at the University
taking a picture of Marilee Annereau taking a picture ( comments)
The crowd at LBJ
( comments)
Mel dancing
( comments)
( comments)
Isgaard from San Diego
( comments)
Dave and Mel
[photo Brian Lasseter] ( comments)
Adriana from Denver
(She's everywhere I go! :) ( comments)
Marilee dancing
( comments)
( comments)
from San Antonio
if I'm not mistaken.. ( comments)
Mel getting dipped
( comments)
Rose dancing
and it was her Birthday too! ( comments)
Val (SD) and Ryan (Austin)
( comments)
Well, at least Val got serious
( comments)
Mel and Sherry, getting swanky
( comments)
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