Album:San Francisco:2001-09-21 SFLX

We hosted the SFLX in September, and it basically rocked. We had something like 600 people from all over the world crash into San Francisco for the sake of a big continuous dance party.


This pains me to no end, but one of my memory sticks had a crash, so to speak, and I lost most of my SFLX photos.

Those of you who know me well will realize how much this grieves me. Urgh.

Here's all I have left.

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Valerie Yau
from San Diego, out at Muni Pier during the Lindy Olympics
Dorota and I match
(I'm the one on the left ;)
SFLX organizer extraordinaire
The late night party on the last night

was at my house that pretty much rocked. Seeing throngs of people dance
in my house
was a great thrill

We played some foosball
[these photos by Tim Collins]
And John Gordon and I
were unstoppable (mostly)
Maggie and Peter and others were dancing

while some watched.. and some talked and some slept,
late into the night
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