Album:San Francisco:2001-09-11 Toronto

I went to visit some of my Toronto friends for a weekend.

It turned out to be a week because of the World Trade Center bombings

These are the gracious hosts who put up with me for longer than expected

I stayed with my friend Alana Hock
This is her cat Felix
Felix is a good cat This is her other cat Oscar Oscar likes boxes

(Oscar is also a good cat) Mandi and ?
Dancing at the Reservoir Lounge
Arthur and ?
Small, but live bands every night!
More dancing

Alana, my host Mandi and Aaron Mandi and Aaron Jody and ?

Robyn and ? Robyn Arthur and Alana Mandi and Olivier

Robyn and Aaron Arthur Alana and I
wearing my Canadian space pants!
I love my Modrobes

Canadian clothes rock! Look, I'm tall and scary! Robyn is mean Robyn and Aaron,
Arthur and ? in background

not dancing, just posin'
Robyn and I
Did I mention how cool my space pants are?
Ohp! Oscar and Felix

Damn they're cute
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